Traditional credit and fixed income investments are increasingly challenged

Our credit strategies aim to deliver superior returns without compromising on liquidity, default risk or costs.

A focus on the most liquid credit index products

Standardised credit index products such as iTraxx and CDX indices, options and exchange-traded funds have seen significant growth in volumes and market depth over the past decade. Our strategies are constructed to take advantage of the growing liquidity and opportunities in these products.

A systematic approach, backed up by an active management overlay

Tabula Capital aims to combine the best parts of systematic and discretionary investing. Our funds are built on proprietary rules-based strategies alongside an active discretionary overlay using our decades of investment experience in credit markets.

An emphasis on transparency
and cost efficiency

We believe that alternative credit investments should be highly transparent and offer best-in-class performance attribution for our funds. Our systematic approach, combined with innovative technology, allows us to greatly reduce the end cost for our investors.